Cam Dejong Tea Party Candidate New Hampshire State House of Representative Ward 2

Cam Dejong Tea Party Candidate

New Hampshire State House of Representative Ward 2

The Daily Tea Party has, along with reviewed Mr Cam Dejongs credentials and has no reservations endorsing his candidacy in the Live Free or Die State. We are certain that Mr. Dejong espouses the philosophy of Liberty, holds constitutional views, and that he is the most liberty minded candidate in the race.

Cam Dejong’s is a supporter of the Free State Project; we believe this to be one of the most principled and effective Freedom Groups.

The Daily Tea Party believes that when elected Mr. Dejong will further the cause of Liberty in New Hampshire. Ward 2 will benefit from his steadfast support of their freedoms and rights. So it is with pleasure that we endorse him.

Cam DeJong for New Hampshire State Representative - Manchester Ward 2. Paid for by Fans of Cam. Jonathan Forehand, Fiscal Agent

Cam Dejong’s Message to the Tea Party!

Dear Tea Party Patriots:

The modern tea party movement in our country is one of the most amazing and vibrant events of our lifetime. Our foundations of freedom are being expressed now more than ever from coast to coast in our great country.

Along with the great grassroots activists have come candidates who are proud to carry the torch of the tea party. I am such a candidate. I have been a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul since I was a junior in high school (1996). I understand that he was the founder of the original tea party and support his ideals of limited government at home and non-interventionism abroad.

After a successful primary in September, I am now running for New Hampshire State Representative in Manchester Ward 2. Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire and a great city with potential to help bring a freedom majority to our State House in 2010.

I’ve worked in the private sector for over half a decade. Besides working for a Fortune 500 company in sales and marketing management, I have worked on special projects independently and have helped freedom candidates throughout New Hampshire and other areas of our country. Our campaign has picked up great endorsements, including that of current Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, former Mayor Frank Guinta, and many activists within the local tea party organizations.

I would be honored to grow my support base and will with great diligence and confidence continue to carry the strongest message of freedom and liberty forward. This is a year where we can take our country and individual states back. Please visit my web site at where you can find more information on my views, my biography, volunteer and donation information, and much more. I look forward to earning your support.

Sincerely yours,

Cam DeJong

Candidate for State Representative

Manchester Ward 2

On the Issues

I am a constitutional Republican. I believe in a strong interpretation and respect of the New Hampshire Constitution and in our United States Constitution. The rights of the individual are the key to a free and prosperous society. We should feel confident in the free market and we should always be skeptical of the unintended consequences of regulation.

TAXES AND SPENDING – I pledge to never vote for a state income or sales tax. I believe that government should be streamlined and operated in such a way that all of our citizens are proud of their quality of life and the efficiencies in their state government. I want New Hampshire to be a place where people come to work within a Constitutional system of limited government. Fiscal responsibility is essential.

CITIZEN LEGISLATURE – The primary issue of my candidacy is that more people should be able to take part in state government. Because sessions are becoming longer, working people are not able to put time into public service. We can change this by passing fewer laws, working to repeal existing laws, and by maintaining the spirit of New Hampshire’s citizen legislature. I support Bill O’Brien and his idea to bring back the Constitutional Committee – a committee that ensures that all legislation is Constitutional before it is brought to a vote.

HEALTH CARE – We have not seen a true free market in health care for decades. I strongly oppose government intervention and believe individuals have the right to make their own choices when it comes to health care. I will vote for any legislation that demands the federal government stay out of New Hampshire with the unconstitutional health care bill passed in 2010.

EDUCATION – Education is best served at the local level. Each community is unique and the interests of our towns are always better left to local parents and teachers. I appreciate and encourage an increase in private schools and home schooling. I do not believe in the current system where larger towns and cities are in essence paying for schools in smaller communities.

SOVEREIGNTY – I believe in the rights of states to work under their unique constitutional and legislative systems. I oppose all efforts of the federal government to get involved in the decision making processes of states. I will always work against state adoption of unconstitutional laws like REAL ID and I will never support legislation because of strings attached by the federal government. (i.e. I will not support a seat belt law to get “millions” in funding from the federal government.)

ENERGY – I support efforts to reduce New Hampshire’s gas tax. I endorse measures (i.e. tax credits) that encourage the use of alternative energy.

SECOND AMENDMENT – I support the right to keep and bear arms 100%. “If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.”

CIVIL LIBERTIES – Individuals should have sole control over their lives. What does not impose on the equal rights of another person should not be legislated.

PENSION REFORM – We must immediately work to reform our state government pension system. While we must protect those currently dependent on the system, it is important that going forward we model our pension system along with what many private businesses provide (i.e. 401k plans). If we continue on current course and speed, our debt will continue to grow at rapid rates.




Liberty Candidates is a non-profit, non-partisan organization formed to assist voters in finding candidates who will uphold the standards of Liberty in coming elections. YOU decide who will carry Liberty’s Torch in the 2010 elections!


Mayor Ted Gatsas (R-Manchester)

“I’m supporting Cam DeJong for State Representative because I know that he’s a fiscal conservative and he will fight for us in Concord to control spending.  Join me and vote for Cam DeJong on Election Day – he will represent us with honor and integrity.” – Mayor and Ward 2 resident Ted Gatsas

Former Mayor Frank Guinta (R-Manchester)

“I support Cam DeJong for State Representative because I know he’ll stand up for the taxpayer. Cam believes in limited government and personal responsibility. His ideas will serve the residents of Manchester Ward 2 very well.” Former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta

Ward 2 School Board Member Joe Briggs

Joe has been a great help to me with great discussions of issues dealing with education and spending. I appreciate his efforts as a school board member and as a voice of great ideas for everyone he works with as one half of the local program 2Joes and in his other efforts.

Hopkinton Selectman Chris Lawless
“I support Cam DeJong for State Representative because I know that Cam is a hard worker.  He will do all he can to ensure that the NH Constitution is followed and make sure that the government is the servant of the people and not the master.”

Ovide Lamontagne

Cam is also endorsed by the following individuals:

  • John Stephen
  • Former State Representative Terry Pfaff
  • Former State Representative and Nashua Alderman Paula Johnson
  • Janet Stiles

Cam is supported by the following organizations (per endorsement, survey response, or by grade):

  • New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
  • New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus
  • Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
  • New Hampshire Right to Life
  • Gun Owners of New Hampshire (B+, highest grade given to a non-incumbent)
  • New Hampshire Right to Work

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