Wonkette libs poke fun at grieving mother -Oath Keeper’s Baby-

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The following excerpts are the new information found in a well written article by By Keith Johnson. I have cherry picked what I have found most interesting.  The article starts of with commentary on a hateful article at Wonkette, that in my opinion is devoid of any merit and deserves no publicity:

“You don’t go to a military funeral to stage a protest carrying signs that read “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God For Dead Soldiers,” and you don’t poke fun at grieving mothers who have just lost their children, no matter how much you may disagree with their politics.”

“In reality, there appears to one only one firearms charge that may have come as a result of a traffic stop—and a subsequent search of the vehicle—that discovered a firearm that belonged to Stephanie.  She is said to have a concealed carry permit, but did not have it in her possession.  Because it was John’s vehicle, he was the one charged.  It is unclear if that case has been fully resolved.  But often times, people who are unable to afford adequate representation will often feel compelled to plea out to a charge in order to avoid a lengthy trial.”

“Also, it appears that the neglect accusations may have stemmed from charges made by Stephanie’s ex-husband, and that the petition for removal of parental rights have nothing to do with John and his newborn daughter.  Bitter, former spouses often come up with exaggerated, and often false, accusations during custody disputes.  But none of this speculation really matters.  Whatever the truth turns out be should be resolved in a court of law.

The simple fact that both Janvrin and Irish are running around free is enough to suggest that a solid case has yet been established that would support criminal prosecution.  In the United States of America, we are presumed innocent until we are proven otherwise before a jury of our peers.  Child Protective Service courts are extra-judiciary, administrative bodies that do not extend the right of due process afforded to us (at the State level) under the 14thamendment of the United States Constitution.  Without due process, the government is forbidden from depriving any American of life, liberty or property.”

What happened to Stephanie Janvrin and John Irish is a classic example of public servants who overstep their bounds, and whose textbook allegiance to unlawful bureaucracies brings untold heartache and tragedy to yet another American family.  If the police had reasonable cause to believe that Irish had committed a crime, they should have arrested him and left the child with the mother.  If both parents were held on reasonable suspicion of a crime, the police should have immediately surrendered the child over to the care of Stephanie’s family.

There will be a hearing in the case on Thursday in Rochester Family Court, and while the ‘presumed guilty’ couple sweats out the long days heading up to their court date, the court of public opinion has already found them guilty as charged.”

Wonkette libs poke fun at grieving mother

By Keith Johnson

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