Time To Wake Up by Steve Susman Congress Candidate district 22

Steve Susman
October 8, 2008

I can never seem to say this enough. People, it is time we study the individual that we should vote for in the upcoming elections. This country has gone down the tubes way too far already. For all of the complaining we hear, there are no more excuses for not researching every possible candidate.

Voting in the other side for revenge is not going to cut it either. Most of these career politicians are the ones who have dumped us into the abyss in the first place. Face it, the Tea Parties may have started up with the best intentions, but now have been hijacked and run as a front for the GOP stalwarts. I am no longer going to listen to these people who decide to pepper me with insults for running Libertarian. I am who I am, and I hold nothing back. I am sick and tired of the armchair politicians who deride and ridicule those running for office. The fact remains, someone had the stones to do it-and the armchair riders did not, period.

Personally, I may not be the most polished man for the job, but I will sure do a better job for the constituents than the incumbent. It is time for action, and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.  Many of us have worked very hard campaigning  and given this our best shot.  The same old same old ways of thinking and experience have dropped us into the grease. It is going to take out of the box thinking to get us out.

Wake up America, before there’s no America to wake up in.

Steve Susman for Congress 2010

End of Corruption Begins in 2010