Ron Paul winning American Spectator 2012 Presidential Poll!

Ron Paul winning American Spectator 2012 Presidential Poll by a Landslide!

Grass Roots Ron Paul supporters back in business!

Ron Paul 42%
Sarah Palin 12%
Chris Christie 6%
Mike Huckabee 4%
Mitt Romney 4%
Paul Ryan 3%
Newt Gingrich 3%
Jim DeMint 3%
Other 2%
John Bolton 2%
Mitch Daniels 2%
Gary Johnson 1%
Bobby Jindal 1%
Haley Barbour 1%
Mike Pence 1%
Tim Pawlenty 0%
David Petraeus 0%
Jeb Bush 0%
John Thune 0%
Rudy Giuliani 0%
Rick Santorum 0%
Christine O’Donnell 0%


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