Corrupt Officers of the Law

These events occurred just in the last week:

Filming Cops

COP CRIMES – Weekly Roundup. September 22-28, 2010

Tillamook County OR deputy charged with incest, rape and sexual abuse of child

Washington cop shoots an unarmed pregnant woman who was trying to flee from cops

Milwaukee WI cop arrested for domestic violence after urinating on an infant, threatening to murder the infant’s mother

Elgin ND police chief charged w/52 counts for continuously molesting and sexually abusing 12 yr old girl

Darlington Co SC deputy caught tasering & choking 15-yr-old boy

New Orleans LA police caught beating HS student over alleged drug transaction, no drugs found

Ketchikan AK police sergeant caught beating 2-yr-old girl staying at his home before he retired

3 Hillsborough Co FL deputies sued for tasering & hog-tying mentally ill man who died later

Ventura County CA deputy charged with sexual abuse and oral copulation w/child

New York NY cop faces discipline after 18 women come forward and accuse him of subjecting them to illegal strip searches

US Customs agent charged with domestic violence after assaulting his pregnant wife

Waterproof LA police chief caught beating woman at traffic stop

East Deer PA cop caught performing home invasion robbery where he allegedly tasered woman

West Virginia state trooper sued for beating a handcuffed man so badly it ruptured his spleen

Marion Co IN deputy sued for pepperspraying jail inmate’s food causing his throat & mouth to blister

Lake Wales FL cop w/12+ disciplines including biting a HS student’s ‘s nose is fired

Houston TX cop conspired with other cop to defraud hurricane evacuee kids charity out of $176k

Milford CT police lt suspended 1day w/o pay for destroying dashcam video sought by family of teen killed in cop crash

Metcalf County KY deputy running for sheriff indicted on 7 charges for putting gun to woman’s head at dispatch center

US Border Patrol agent caught pistol whipping his wife and threatening man w/gun

Conroe TX cop investigated after shooting at innocent man while chasing robbery suspects, claims man surprised him

Prince George’s Co MD police caught shooting family’s dog & arresting victim when they called cops on carjackers

Pittsburgh PA arbitrator forces department to rehire cop fired for dislocating ex-girlfriend’s jaw during altercation

LaVergne TN cop fired for sending inappropriate texts to 3 women including one involved in domestic dispute call

Laredo TX police officer convicted of conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute & firearm enhancement

Liberty County TX deputy arrested for false reporting in relation to investigation into now-convicted drug dealer

Somerville AL cop recently convicted of assault & criminal mischief now sued for beating man at checkpoint

Maricopa Co AZ sheriff Arpaio accused of mispending up to $64mil on things like 1st class airfare & luxury resorts

Detroit MI police officer accused of assaulting a female 11th grade special education student

Greenville MS police chief suspended pending criminal investigation into allegations that he threatened 3 women

Conroe TX police sergeant sentenced for armed robbery of bank he worked security at as a second job

Hendry County FL deputy gets suspended license for DUI conviction after stopped twice in one night for drunk driving

Pasquotank County NC chief deputy charged with drunken driving after registering .15 BAC during traffic stop

MA state trooper arrested after crashing into several parked cars while drunk then poiinting his gun at a Boston cop

Flagstaff AZ cop fired & faces charges for fleeing the scene of a motorcycle accident, couldn’t be tested for DUI

Kennedy PA police officer charged w/DUI & aggravated assault a month after he hit pedestrian with car and fled scene

Shannon Hills AR cop fired for posting details on how to avoid DUI checkpoint on Facebook in dispute over jurisdiction

Minneapolis MN cop already serving 8yrs for bank robbery pleads guilty to 5 other armed robberies while he was cop

Okaloosa County FL deputies arrest man for possession even after tests come back confirming he only had heart meds

New York NY settles brutality suit for $250k to man who suffered broken cheekbone in altercation w/cop for begging

3 Arapahoe Co CO deputies sued by lawyer claiming she was beaten w/flashlight & denied medical care in false arrest

Manatee Co FL deputy banned from stadium for life after flashing badge in confrontation w/security & cops over shirt

Snohomish Co WA deputy suspended while investigated for unspecified “inappropriate romantic relationship on-duty”

Salt Lake City UT settles suit for $100k to Korean war vet tackled by cops in park because he couldn’t raise his arms

Madison AL cop sentenced to 1yr on reckless endangerment plea for hitting car with cruiser while speeding off-duty

11 New York State NFTA cops accused of double-dipping by state audit, 1 cop claimed to work 26 hours in one day

3 Arcadia FL cops sued for pulling man from car & beating him while dad was on phone during traffic stop

Van Meter IA police chief sentenced to probation & to pay restitution for guilty plea to 3 counts felony misconduct

US DEA agent costs US $830k in judgment to road rage/false arrest victim in case that cost investigating cop’s career

FBI agents and supervisors in several offices found to have cheated in test over surveillance policies & civil rights

Oakdale MN police officer sues police chief & city claiming retaliation for complaining about homophobic supervisor

2 Winston-Salem NC cops suspended after DUI arrests, 1 cleared after arresting officer says he didn’t see him drive

Gallatin County IL sheriff found guilty on all counts by jury in federal drug trafficking & witness tampering trial

Chattanooga TN cop sued by man who was arrested while trying to rush his wife to hospital during stroke

Country Club Hills IL police & mayor sued for wrogfully arresting 3 men for bank robbery in search led by mayor

Creve Coeur IL police officer charged with domestic battery,criminal trespass & aggravated assault w/firearm

Alaska settles suit for $150k to family of disabled man shot to death by trooper, couldn’t get out of car as ordered

Warrensville OH cop sentenced to 6yrs prison for defrauding over 25 investors that included mostly fellow cops

Columbus NM cop charged w/stalking & hospitalized for mental eval after sending disturbing texts & pics to ex

Baldwin Park CA police accused of using checkpoints to generate revenue

Monterey TN police chief pleads guilty to official misconduct & theft of over $10k in property including guns & cash

Detroit MI cop arrested on felony charges in alleged elaborate overtime fraud scheme involving off-duty citations

Clackamas Co OR recently convicted deputy subject of suit alleging he molested woman during home detention checks

Sierra Madre CA’s insurance pool settles suit for unspecified sum to man shot by cop in his SUV after it was towed

Fort Myers FL police officer arrested on domestic violence battery by strangulation charge involving ex-girlfriend

Madison WI police claims about why police arrested 5 open carriers is contradicted by 911 recordings released to press

Volusia Co FL deputy subject of criminal investigation for assaulting teen & shattering his teeth for egging truck

Washington DC police officer indicted on allegations she acted as lookout for & protected drug dealing boyfriend

Chicago IL police sued by family of man they claim was unarmed and cuffed when he was fatally shot on train last week

Denver CO cop accused of wrongfully arresting process server who was run over by woman trying to avoid being served

2 Pittsburgh PA cops under investigation after video contradicts their sworn written testimony about drug bust

De Pere WI police chief under investigation on allegations of double dipping at college teaching gig while on-duty

Carteret Co NC deputy sentenced for role in embezzlement scheme

Fayette Co TN sheriff’s office version of shooting death contradicted by witnesses who say suspect didn’t shoot self

Denver CO police detective subject of grand jury investigation into false statements in affidavits & witness tampering

Corinth MS cop subject of FBI investigation into allegations that he was stealing money from Hispanic suspects

Burlington VT undercover cop accused of urinating outside of soroity house & refusing to give his badge number

Ravenswood WV police cheif resigns amid complaints by residents about police misconduct within police department

New York NY class action suit against police joined by man claiming cop gave him summons for standing outside his apt

Polk County FL deputy arrested on domestic violence charge involving argument w/wife over 4yr-old son’s discipline

8 Dewey OK cops sue city for $1mil each claiming that city broke law by drug testing them, want results destroyed

New York NY cop’s firing for assaulting ex-girlfirend then harassing her w/porn & sex toys made official after appeal

Illinois State Police sued by ACLU in attempt to access “fusion center” records over worries about privacy abuses

New Orleans LA police officer sentenced to 3yrs prison for his role in cover-up of Danziger bridge shooting incident

Berkeley MO cop fired & subject of criminal investigation over allegations of sexual misconduct w/teen in church group

Pinal County AZ deputy’s story of being shot in desert by Latino drug smugglers doesn’t add up, says fornesics expert

Lee County SC sheriff indicted on 47 new counts including racketeering & money laundering in drug conspiracy case

Chicago IL cops pay for billboard supporting fellow cop in prison for beating man shackled to wheelchair on video

Minneapolis MN cop w/history of misconduct fired again for lying about alleged brutality on now-disbanded task force

Unicoi County TN Sheriff & entire department under invesitgation by state for alleged unspecified misuse of prisoners

Broome Co NY deputy on leave for exposing self now charged w/accepting bribe & computer trespass in another case

Tea SD police officer hired despite criminal record was fired in March after Driving under influence of drugs charge

Ludlow KY cop sued alleging he used false fingerprint evidence & testimony to wrongfully imprison man for 7 months

Beaumont TX cop sentenced to probation & fine after oppression conviction for beating man repeatedly w/baton on video

Pullman WA settles suit for $25k to man claiming he was unnecessarily tasered for refusing cop’s order to sit in snow

2 Wood Co WV deputies & 2 prosecutors subject of wrongful prosecution suit on claims including witness intimidation

5 Dallas TX cops fired, 2 over videotaped brutality case, 2 for DUI & 1 fired for shooting gun in cruiser while drunk

Somerville AL cop resigns after convicted on misdemeanor for pulling over ex & beating her boyfriend w/flashlight

East Bank WV cop sued by town official claiming he falsely arrested him in retaliation for testifying against him

Syracuse NY police accused of using excessive force on residents of neighborhood after locking it down during manhunt

Danville VA deputy on paid leave after arrested on DUI and driving w/o operators license charges in South Carolina

Henderson NV police lieutenant receives prostitution charges after caught picking up cop disguised as hooker

Wolcott CT police officer fired after investigation alleges that she lied under oath regarding a complaint she filed

Bell CA police chief accused of not being disabled when he worked out tax-free disability retirement deal worth millions

Maricopa Co AZ sheriff’s anti-corruption unit used to settle political scores has been disbanded during investigation

Note Well:

These are only the reported incidents; the vast majority go unreported. The frequency of cop crimes is similar every week. Do the numbers. It is not just a “few bad apples”; the barrel is rotten.  For daily updates, follow injusticenews on twitter.   For past weekly COP CRIMES archives, see here:

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