Shut Up! You’re Disturbing the Elite! Beck, Left Right Work to Silence TP

This is must read article.  The Freedom Movement is under attack from all angles.  The Tea Party is being funded by anonymous donors with unknown agendas and the media is in full overtake mode.

We must understand the advanced psychological operations (psyops) they are cooking in some bunker and using against the Freedom Movement.  And don’t be confused, don’t think that those Tea Partiers are not part of the movement to Restore Constitutional Governance; they might be a  couple years behind in philosophical shaping, but as long as we engage them and not leave them to the Neocons to shape, they will be a part of us, The Freedom Movement.

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Keith Johnson – The People’s Voice


The Constitution has become a relic, and those who live by it are becoming a nuisance to those who would like to see it torn to shreds. Word has come down from on high that these protests must end. A new strategy to quell dissent is being deployed through mainstream media personalities, who have been given orders to reign in their flocks by controlling and limiting their mode of expression.

In the days leading up to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, the self-described rodeo clown instructed attendees not to bring signs or posters. Most complied, some chose instead to bring flags or dress up in colorful “period piece” costumes.

Weeks later, in a two minute segment of his Fox television program, Beck addressed his obedient flock and pleaded for them to abandon their signs and costumes altogether. He referenced a new website by Think Progress, which Beck alledges was launched, “for the sole purpose of making you in to the crazy costume person, the racist or the conspiracy theorist. They are going to try to make you into anything that you are not.”

Instead of encouraging his viewers to be discriminating in the signs they hoist or the clothes they wear, he suggested that his viewers give in to the criticism.

Beck told his people to, “Dress normally” and to, “Take the signs down.”He then shared about a conversation he had with his daughter, who suggested that she really didn’t care what people said about her clothing. His fatherly response to her was, “well, other people do,” and then concluded by suggesting that the lesson for the day was: “Don’t give the media even a chance to typecast you.”

This is a clever psy-op using lots of double speak. Beck is actually conditioning his people to be shamed over the use of signs, loud speech and clothing with political statements. By instructing his people to avoid criticism, he is actually projecting that he concurs with the criticism itself.

Once these people accept that this behavior is a social faux pas, they too will join into the criticism and demonization of those who hold signs, use bullhorns or wear T-shirts with statements like “9/11 Was an Inside Job,” or “Don’t Tread on Me.”

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