Campaign For Liberty — Tea Partiers Are NOT Buying The Republican Party’s “Pledge To America”

Posted by Matt Collins on 09/23/10

(Campaign for Liberty)

(The Republican Party “Pledge to America” was leaked prematurely; the perpertrator was caught on camera in the act)

The Tea Partiers and conservative / libertarians are not buying the farce that is the Republican Party “Pledge To America”. Why not? Well first off the GOP has proposed their big-government version of healthcare takeover by actually including elements of ObamaCare in the “Pledge”!!!

As evidenced here:

Health care should be accessible for all”… “We will expand state high-risk pools”… “We will make it illegal for an insurance company to deny coverage… to someone with prior coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition, eliminate annual and lifetime spending caps…

Even Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn recently insinuated that the Democrat plan should be replaced by a big-government Republican version. In an interview on the Mike Church XM/Sirius radio show last week she refused to say that the federal government should get out of this issue altogether. This is confirmed by the fact that the Republican Party establishment is using some very underhanded and sneaky language called “repeal and replace” to describe their plan. Why not instead just use the word “repeal” by itself?

House Republicans Pledge to ‘Repeal and Replace’ Obamacare G.O.P. Slogan: ‘Repeal and Replace’ Health Care Law

GOP looks to ‘repeal and replace’ strategy on healthcare

The GOP’s rhetoric is misleading and is a pledge for more big-government intrusion. The pledge insultingly waters down the Declaration of Independence by paying lip service to it and also promises to expand government at the same time. This is not to mention that it contradicts itself in several places as Forbes points out. And embarrassingly the Republican Party clearly says that it wants to cut back spending but only to 2008 levels. In fact this pledge has no plan to balance the budget or stop the debt from increasing.

The bigger question is why do elected Republicans need to make this pledge to begin with? They have already pledged when they took an oath to uphold the US Constitution. Isn’t that enough?

This is clearly a lame and weak attempt at co-opting the message of the Tea Partiers, conservatives, Constitutionalists, and libertarians. But I got news for them…. we aren’t buying it!

Don’t take my word for it though… here is what some conservative commentators are saying about it:

The entirety of this Promise is laughable…This document proves the GOP is more focused on the acquisition of power than the advocacy of long term sound public policy…I will not carry their stagnant water.” — Erick Erikson of Red State
So Pelosi and Co. spent 3.7 trillion this year, and the Republicans are only going to spend 3.6 trillion next year, if they get the House back.” — Mike Church

“If enacted in full, the deficit, by the same CBO numbers the Republicans and Democrats both use, will expand by trillions of dollars over the next decade.” – The Beltway Beast

“the pledge tastes like watered down tea” — The Daily Caller

it is neither serious nor credible… the promises included in the document would result in long-term deficits far higher than if Congress merely maintained the status quo for the next two years…for those interested in deficit reduction, these tax cuts would dwarf any spending cuts in the GOP agenda… it is Orwellian double-speak — Forbes

“It is little more than rhetoric from politicians who want to regain power, not restore rights. They pay a little lip service to the Constitution, but the meat of their plan bears little resemblance to a massive reduction in the size of government.”
— RedStateEclectic
“The document’s most deafening silence is on entitlement spending. Indeed, it’s main attack on ObamaCare is precisely that this awful new program steals money from Medicare.” — Reason Magazine

“…Republicans are seeking to repeal “ObamaCare”, only so they might offer their version of massive government intervention into the health care sector, or for those with an affinity for sound bite kitsch, “BoehnerCare”…That will trim Obama’s budget deficit for next year from $1.5 trillion down to 1.4.”
— Mike Church

Matt Collins is the Former Vice Chair of both the Davidson County (Nashville) Republican Party and the TN Republican Liberty Caucus. He is also the Davidson County Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty, and a talk radio producer at 99.7 WTN. Nothing he communicates is to be considered an official statement representative of any organization he belongs to or is an officer of, including the Campaign for Liberty, Republican Liberty Caucus, WTN, Liberty on the Rocks, America’s Future Foundation, The Tennessee Liberty Alliance, Rand Paul for Senate, or the Davidson County (Nashville) Republican Party. His opinions are his own.

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