“Mad As Hell, But Think Tea Party Is Insane?” Vulgar Marketing Tactic!


Peter Porteous -September 21, 2010

In what at first seems to be a divide-and-conquer campaign, after closer examination seems a vulgar attempt at free publicity. Jamie Court, Consumer Watchdog’s President, has unveiled a video designed to shock many with its tag line “Mad As Hell, But Think Tea Party is Insane?”  to promote a new book titled The Progressive’s Guide to Raising Hell.

We could quote him, or his book, but we are exposed to enough drivel from the liberal left and the neo-conservatives on the right, for me to expose you to the torturous nonsense this “consumer advocate” dumps on poor unsuspecting folk. That would be more befitting as content on our soviet style propaganda tool, National Public Radio, where he is a commentator on the program sarcastically called “Marketplace”,  and where he gets to advocate for Obamacare and to reform (socialize) the insurance industry.

Apparently, Court thinks that the best way for him to be a “consumer advocate” is to have the government intervene in the marketplace.  But, hell, that won’t stop him from using that same marketplace to use his divide and conquer shock techniques to sell his book and profit in our capitalist system.

If his book fails to energize his base constituency, it might be due to the fact that many of them are seeing right through the Left-Right paradigm and the party affiliation trap the elite want us in, and are going beyond it to becoming Americans. Americans who demand real change… The return to lawful governance and a return to the Constitutional Republic. Which unsurprisingly, is the best consumer advocacy any of us could use.

We welcome them, progressives, liberals, anyone in America, who is mad as hell, or just plain upset with government corporate favoritism; We welcome them to the Tea Party.

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