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The Issues – An All Freedom Platform


The looming threat of our national debt must be addressed immediately. Nothing else poses a greater risk to liberty, prosperity, and peace.  We must substantially reduce Federal spending very soon or the coming economic disaster will test the future of the United States itself.  A balanced budget must be put together by representatives ready to make difficult, unpopular decisions.  Incumbents refuse to face reality on this issue. Their only answer is to spend more.

They fail the Spending Test.


Fundamental and substantial changes must be made to our tax system. Most importantly, that change must include a direct link between Federal taxes collected and Federal money spent. Additionally, every American must understand that voting for increases in government spending will cost each one of them directly.

Health Care

America has a great health care system.  As a cancer survivor I know just how great it is.  Our problem is with the rising costs of health care and insurance and the misguided idea that health care is a right.  So long as government continues to tamper with the system, prices will continue to rise.   Common sense and Constitutional principles would instead increase competition and innovation, making health care much more affordable.

Allowing providers and patients to freely choose respects real rights such as freedom of choice, freedom of trade, and freedom of contract.  For me, freedom of choice must always be a primary consideration.


As a Marine fighter pilot, I pledged myself completely to the Constitution of the United States.  I am proud of my service, and continue to support those who serve our national defense.  There is no doubt the world has changed since the first shot fired at Concord, but we must remain true to the ideals of our Founders while protecting the United States from those who would do us harm.   That protection begins by taking the first steps towards ending longstanding “entangling alliances”, focusing on achieving set goals in the conflicts we currently fight, then quickly and safely bringing home those who pledged themselves to defend this nation.


I am the grandson of immigrants.  My wife is an immigrant.  My job involves crossing our border regularly and legally.  I am sensitive to this issue.

Illegal immigrants are the symptom to a larger problem and the source of that problem is in Washington, D.C.  It could have been corrected many years ago, but Republican and Democratic leadership have refused to meaningfully address it.  Their special interests are profiting from allowing the situation to continue.

America can be kept secure with a logical and humane plan that would allow honest people to reasonably enter our country.  Wise use of Federal police assets, not military troops, could patrol our borders while guest worker passes are allowed for those who are documented entering at legal points.  We should reform our support for the corrupt governments illegal immigrants flee, and work to dis-empower violent drug cartels which spur illegal immigration.

However, “…we must be extremely careful that misplaced zeal for immigration-control measures does not compromise the civil liberties of all Americans and provide a back door for a national ID program.” – David Nolan


The idea of reducing America’s dependence on Middle East oil is motivated by the violent reaction we are getting from the people there.  Using our own energy sources is a good idea, but stopping the purchase of foreign oil does not end the threat.  Isolationism will not put an end to terrorism or make us more secure. The Federal government needs to get out of the way of energy exploration, experimentation, and expansion.  Everything Washington does to “strategically invest” in energy actually puts off the day we are using a truly workable, sustainable energy source.  Subsidies and stimulus effectively allows the government to choose winners and losers politically, not scientifically or economically.

Politics needs to stay out of science, industry, and business.


Cap and Trade is a tax program that will weaken industry and strengthen government.  It does nothing to address pollution or the questionable problem of global warming.  If the government was really serious about cleaning up the environment, it would look to the biggest polluter first, the Federal government.  I suggest it begins by fixing the mess it has made of our roads.  Using the highway trust fund for its intended purpose would modernize our roads, free up traffic, stimulate the economy, and reduce automobile exhausts.

We can better aid the world in finding more “green” energy sources by allowing the American free market to do what it does best – innovate.

The Issues | Chuck Donovan for U.S. Senate.

[special thanks to Gary Brown Jr. for directing us to this candidate]