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Cop Block is a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goals of police accountability, education of individual rights, and the sharing of effective tactics to utilize while filming police.

The Cop Block Team:

Adam Mueller – Brett Perry – Dr. Q – Jenn Chou

– Mark McCoy – Nick Puglia – Paula Parmeley Carter – Pete Eyre – Robert B.


During the 2009-2010 winter I founded Cop Block, though all of the individuals listed on this page have a personal stake in the project. In addition to blogging, capturing and editing video, I serve as Cop Block’s editor-in-chief and handle other behind-the-scene tasks. I hope that by showing people how violent and unjust the executive branch of government is it will help others to see the similar hypocrisies within the rest of state.

I’ve been involved with other activists projects such as Motorhome Diaries, Liberty On Tour, Fr33 Agents and Free Keene.

Take a look at this great website at: Cop Block |  About Us.

Here is a sample video of their work: