It’s time to pay some respect to tea partiers

Power to the people!

At the height of the 2008 presidential campaign, I was talking with a woman in New Hampshire who had founded a Sarah Palin fan club. I wanted to find out what it was about the Alaska politician that appealed to her.

It was a revealing talk. The woman told me (as others told me later) that she was lost in the Republican Party, that it no longer represented her interests and that it had walked away from the core principles that defined her party membership in the first place.

She was most concerned about right-to-life issues, followed by tax issues (no surprise for a Republican from the Granite State) followed by an almost libertarian collection of personal freedom issues. She was Roman Catholic, in a healthy, long-standing marriage and was trying to raise her kids in the face of cultural challenges that sometimes seemed overwhelming.

Other than my feelings about abortion and gun ownership, I don’t think there were many issues we could have agreed on. I was simply too liberal for her and she was simply too conservative for me. But I respected her opinions and recognized she was thoughtful and deliberate about the choices she made.

What more can anyone ask from a voter in a democracy?…

It’s time to pay some respect to tea partiers –