Karl Rove Attacks O’Donnell Tea Party Win; Hannity Defends Her!

Daily Tea Party

Hannity appears to have moved towards the Tea Party political spectrum and  away from the Republican establishment. In this video Hannity is seen in an unlikely argument with Karl Rove who attacks the Republican primary winner because it didn’t come from the establishment.

This is what Lew Rockwell had to say about O’Donnell in his blog:

“A candidate hated by Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, John Cornyn, the Club for Growth, and Dick Armey’s KochWorks can’t be all bad, can she? After all, she beat a Rockefeller Republican, who had–astoundingly–attacked her for having had financial problems. I think she can win, despite the media, but unfortunately, and perhaps inevitably as a pro-life Christian rightist, she calls for murdering the unborn and everyone else in Iran, and is, in general, a foreign policy neocon.’

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