More parents choosing NOT to vaccinate kids

Sept. 12, 2010 | Patricia Nazario | KPCC

The number of kindergartners entering school without vaccines peaked in California last year. It remains high this fall as children head back to school. The trend is concerning state public health officials.

Dr. Lauren Feder measures Mercy Ryness’ head.  The little blond girl turned one last week.  Feder is an Los .Angeles-based pediatrician, holistic physician and author.  She’s been in practice about 15 years, and she says many parents these days are concerned about vaccinations.

“About half of my practice does not vaccinate at all,” Feder said.

For those patients who do, Feder says she doesn’t offer combination dosages, like most pediatricians.  She also lets parents wait to bring their babies in for shots later than usual; some doctors begin immunizations at one month.

“They typically like to start by about four to six months of age and we typically start with one vaccination at a time,” and sometimes only for a few disease, Feder says.

In a recent report, the researchers at the San Diego-based Watchdog Institute examined data from the state department of public health and found a growing trend: more families are…

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