Bachmann Sends the Tea Party to school


8:15am EDT

By Nick Carey

HANNIBAL, Missouri | Wed Sep 8, 2010 8:46am EDT

HANNIBAL, Missouri (Reuters) – Some Tea Partiers admit mistakes were made. Others are quick to describe the movement’s recent efforts in the political arena as not quite ready for prime time.

But the conservative upstart is determined to shed its amateur status. To that end, members are literally going to school. They are taking part in training sessions, some of which are underwritten by established conservative groups like American Majority, the Leadership Institute and Americans for Prosperity.

Indeed, an up-close look at the Tea Party in 15 states over a three-month period during this summer’s political primaries showed a group striving to make the transition from unruly protesters to effective activists. Their near term goal is to gain a foothold at the most basic levels of government — from city councils to state assemblies.

via Special Report: The Tea Party goes to school | Reuters.