Exploiting Terrorism Concerns to Further Gun Control


Written by Ann Shibler

Wednesday, 02 June 2010 15:13

The gun control fanatics in Congress are at it again, using the public’s media- and government-fueled fear of terrorism and contrived anecdotes to promote their watch list and gun control/gun-grabbing measures for all Americans.

In early May there was a hearing in the Senate committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs that gave perennial gun-grabber Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Rep. Peter King (R- N.Y.) and a few cronies a platform for the subject “Terrorists and Guns: The Nature of the Threat and Proposed Reforms.” That subject is tied into Lautenberg’s S. 2820 PROTEC Act of 2009 (Preserving Records of Terrorist & Criminal Transactions Act) and S. 1317 Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act, and Rep. Peter King’s matching version in the House, H.R. 2159.

The hearing was top heavy with supporters of these latest watch list and gun-grabbing bills. In addition to Lautenberg and King, were gun control supporters Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City; his police commissioner, Raymond Kelly; FBI assistant director Daniel Roberts; Eileen Larence from Homeland Security and Justice, Government Accountability Office; Sandy MacArthur, LAPD; and lone gun control opposer Aaron Titus from the Liberty Coalition…

via Exploiting Terrorism Concerns to Further Gun Control.